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I contacted The Snap Store when a socket die I bought from them broke. They sent a new one, but to my OLD address, in FIVE days. :-[] Those residing at my old address have to mail the thing to me now and it's going to cost them MORE than just buying a new piece would have cost me!

I am opening an online shop on Mother's Day. I have a deadline and without the socket die I am delayed in making any more products. It's already been OVER A WEEK since my part broke, and I still have not received the piece I need. I only have 2 products made, so I am going to have to pull several all-nighters making more once the piece finally comes.

I am VERY upset because this incident is affecting my life in several very negative ways. I will NEVER do business with The Snap Store again. Because it was not an official order, it was their responsibility to confirm my address before shipping the replacement piece.

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